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oak® sliced apples 2.7kg image

OAK® Sliced Apples 2.7kg

{"en":"Peeled and sliced for convenience, OAK® Sliced Apples are great for bakeries and cafés. Delicious ingredient for a variety of sweet and baked goods."}
oak® tomatoes chopped in juice 400g image

OAK® Tomatoes Chopped in Juice 400g

{"en":"OAK® Tomatoes Chopped in Juice are a convenient ingredient for restaurants and cafés. Great in soups, sauces and stews."}
oak® fruit salad in juice 2.95kg x 3 image

OAK® Fruit Salad in Juice 2.95kg x 3

{"en":"Oak® Fruit Salad in Juice is a delicious shelf stable mix of different fruit including peach, pear and pineapple, ideal for serving at buffets and cafés."}
oak® sieved apples 2.9kg image

OAK® Sieved Apples 2.9kg

{"en":"A convenient, shelf stable option for bakeries, cafés and restaurants. OAK® Sieved Apples is ideal for baking or serving with sweet dishes."}
oak® peach slices in juice 2.95kg x 3 image

OAK® Peach Slices in Juice 2.95kg x 3

{"en":"Peeled, pitted and ready to use, Oak® Peach Slices in Juice are perfect for café and restaurant kitchens. Great in sweet desserts and salads."}
oak® cream style corn 410g image

OAK® Cream Style Corn 410g

{"en":"Make delicious corn fritters, chicken and corn soup, creamy corn dips or savoury muffins with OAK® Cream Style Corn. Canned and ready to use."}
oak® pear quarters in syrup 3kg image

OAK® Pear Quarters in Syrup 3kg

{"en":"OAK® Pear Quarters in Syrup are a great ingredient for bakeries, restaurants and cafés. Conveniently sliced and canned in a sweet syrup."}
oak® baked beans in tomato sauce 2.95kg image

OAK® Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 2.95kg

{"en":"Convenient and versatile, Oak® Baked Beans are an essential ingredient in a big breakfast. These beans are great for buffets and catering."}
oak® apricot halves in syrup 2.95kg image

OAK® Apricot Halves in Syrup 2.95kg

{"en":"OAK® Apricot Halves in Syrup are a convenient option for restaurants. Great in desserts and pastries, or for making apricot chicken."}
oak® fruit salad in light syrup 2.9kg image

OAK® Fruit Salad in Light Syrup 2.9kg

{"en":"Oak® Fruit Salad in Light Syrup is a mixture of peaches, pears and pineapple in a 2.9kg can. Ideal for cafés and patisseries, this mix is great for baking and desserts."}
oak® diced apple 2.7kg image

Oak® Diced Apple 2.7kg

{"en":"Oak® Diced Apple are pre-cut for convenient use in cafés and restaurants. Great for apple pies, cakes, tarts, salads and sauces."}
oak® pear slices in juice 2.95kg image

OAK® Pear Slices in Juice 2.95kg

{"en":"A delicious way to flavour pastries and salads, Oak® Pear Slices in Juice are peeled, cored and sliced for convenient use in restaurants and cafés."}
oak® spaghetti in tomato sauce 2.95kg image

OAK® Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce 2.95kg

{"en":"OAK® Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce offers a quicker way to serve a well-loved dish in diners, restaurants, catering events and canteens."}
oak® peach slices in syrup 2.95kg image

OAK® Peach Slices in Syrup 2.95kg

{"en":"Oak® Peach Slices in Syrup are preserved and packed in a large 2.95kg can, making them ideal for use in desserts at cafes and restaurants."}
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