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craig's® red plum jam 375g image

Craig's® Red Plum Jam 375g

{"en":"Craig's® Red Plum Fruit Jam is great for bakeries and cafés. Packed in a 375g jar, it's ideal as a baking ingredient or served as a spread."}
craig's® marmalade portion 300 x 14g image

Craig's® Marmalade Portion 300 x 14g

{"en":"Craig's® Marmalade is a flavourful citrus spread that is great for buffets, cafés and accommodation. Packed in convenient 14g single-serve tubs."}
craig's® plum fruit jam 2.5kg image

Craig's® Plum Fruit Jam 2.5kg

{"en":"Craig's® Plum Fruit Jam is packed in a 2.5kg pail with a resealable lid. Great for breakfast and desserts at bakeries and cafes."}
craig's® red kidney beans in brine 3kg image

Craig's® Red Kidney Beans in Brine 3kg

{"en":"Craig\u2019s® Red Kidney Beans are packed in brine in a convenient 3kg can. A staple ingredient for cafés and Indian and Mexican restaurants."}
craig's® raspberry fruit jam 2.5kg image

Craig's® Raspberry Fruit Jam 2.5kg

{"en":"Craig's® Raspberry Fruit Jam is a fruit jam that\u2019s conveniently packed in a large, resealable 2.5kg pail. Great for bakeries and cafés."}
craig's® chilli beans 3kg x 3 image

Craig's® Chilli Beans 3kg x 3

{"en":"Craig's® Chilli Beans are quick and easy to prepare, ideal for serving Mexican dishes. Great in chilli con carne and as a burrito filling."}
craig's® apricot jam portion 300 x 14g image

Craig's® Apricot Jam Portion 300 x 14g

{"en":"A versatile fruit spread, Craig's® Apricot Jam Portions are packed in convenient and hygienic 14g single serve tubs. Great for cafés and bakeries."}
craig’s® margarine spread portion 600x10g image

Craig’s® Margarine Spread Portion 600x10g

{"en":"Craig's® Margarine Spread is the perfect spread for toasts, pancakes and waffles. Now packaged in handy 10g single serve units for breakfast buffets and takeaway."}
craig's® apricot fruit jam 2.5kg x 3 image

Craig's® Apricot Fruit Jam 2.5kg x 3

{"en":"Craig's® Apricot Fruit Jam is a smooth fruit jam, ideal for serving with pastries or toast. It is packed in a 2.5kg pail and is ideal for use in cafés and bakeries."}
craig's® red plum jam portion 300 x 14g image

Craig's® Red Plum Jam Portion 300 x 14g

{"en":"Craig's® Plum Jam is a delicious accompaniment for toast, pancakes, yoghurts and waffles, ideal for serving in cafés, at hotel buffets and with take-away food."}
craig's® honey portion 300 x 14g image

Craig's® Honey Portion 300 x 14g

{"en":"A convenient and hygienic way to serve individual honey portions at buffets. Craig's® Honey Portions are ideal for front of house or table top use."}
craig's® breakfast marmalade 2.5kg image

Craig's® Breakfast Marmalade 2.5kg

{"en":"Craig's® Breakfast Marmalade is a tasty fruit spread ideal for breakfast and desserts. It's packed in a 2.5kg pail with a resealable lid and is ideal for bakeries."}
craig's® strawberry fruit jam 2.5kg image

Craig's® Strawberry Fruit Jam 2.5kg

{"en":"Packed in a 2.5kg pail, Craig's® Strawberry Fruit Jam is ideal for cafés and bakeries who serve breakfast and desserts."}
craig's® raspberry jam portion 300 x 14g image

Craig's® Raspberry Jam Portion 300 x 14g

{"en":"Craig's® Raspberry Jam is a delicious berry jam for toast, yoghurt and desserts that comes in convenient, single serve units ideal for cafés."}
craig's® three berry jam portion 300 x 12g image

Craig's® Three Berry Jam Portion 300 x 12g

{"en":"A reduced sugar fruit jam packed in convenient single-serve units, Craig's® Three Berry Jam is perfect for bakeries, cafes and breakfast buffets."}
craig's® butter portion 600 x 9g image

Craig's® Butter Portion 600 x 9g

{"en":"Craig's® Butter Portions are the perfect size for breakfast buffets and service at busy cafés."}
craig's® strawberry jam portion 300 x 14g image

Craig's® Strawberry Jam Portion 300 x 14g

{"en":"Craig's® Strawberry Jam is packed in a convenient 14g single-serve portion. Ideal for hotels, cafés, breakfast buffets and bakeries."}
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