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wattie's® seasoned baby beetroot 2.95kg image

Wattie's® Seasoned Baby Beetroot 2.95kg

{"en":"Canned and ready to use, Wattie's® Seasoned Baby Beetroot are a delicious ingredient to restaurant menus. Packed in a 2.95kg can."}
wattie's® peas 5kg x 3 image

Wattie's® Peas 5kg x 3

{"en":"Snap frozen to lock in flavour, Wattie\u2019s® Frozen Peas are available all year round."}
golden circle® pineapple pizza cut in syrup 3kg image

Golden Circle® Pineapple Pizza Cut in Syrup 3kg

{"en":"Golden Circle® Pineapple Pizza Cut in Syrup is a useful ingredient for pizzas as well as a range of dishes at cafés and restaurants. Packed in a bulk 3kg can for foodservice use."}
golden circle® pineapple pieces in syrup 3kg image

Golden Circle® Pineapple Pieces in Syrup 3kg

{"en":"Delivering quality pineapple taste for desserts, pizzas and a range of other dishes, Golden Circle® Pineapple Pieces in Syrup are a great ingredient for bakeries and restaurants."}
wattie's® mixed vegetables 3-way mix with corn 2kg image

Wattie's® Mixed Vegetables 3-Way Mix with Corn 2kg

{"en":"Add more veggies to your favourite soups and curries with Wattie's® Mixed Vegies 3 Way with Corn pack. Snap frozen to lock in the flavour."}
wattie's® apricot halves in clear fruit juice 2.95kg image

Wattie's® Apricot Halves in Clear Fruit Juice 2.95kg

{"en":"Deliciously sweet with no added flavours or colours, Wattie's® Apricot Halves in Clear Fruit Juice are a convenient option for breakfast buffets and desserts."}
wattie's® seasoned potato wedges 2kg x 6 image

Wattie's® Seasoned Potato Wedges 2kg x 6

{"en":"Wattie's® Seasoned Potato Wedges are pre-seasoned and par-fried before freezing, ensuring your café or restaurant produces the best chips, every time."}
wattie's® cauliflower 2kg image

Wattie's® Cauliflower 2kg

{"en":"Wattie\u2019s® Cauliflower is a great ingredient in soups, stews and salads at restaurants. Picked at peak season and frozen for locked in flavour."}
golden circle® sliced beetroot 3kg image

Golden Circle® Sliced Beetroot 3kg

{"en":"Sliced into generous portions, each with a distinctly delicious spice note, Golden Circle® Sliced Beetroot is perfectly balanced between sweet and tart so that every bite gives the perfect taste."}
oak® sliced apples 2.7kg image

OAK® Sliced Apples 2.7kg

{"en":"Peeled and sliced for convenience, OAK® Sliced Apples are great for bakeries and cafés. Delicious ingredient for a variety of sweet and baked goods."}
golden circle® australian pineapple thins in syrup 3.2kg x 3 image

Golden Circle® Australian Pineapple Thins in Syrup 3.2kg x 3

{"en":"Golden Circle is known for producing sweet pineapples, with firm, tasty flesh and their quality is undeniable. Perfect for burgers, desserts and baking."}
oak® tomatoes chopped in juice 400g image

OAK® Tomatoes Chopped in Juice 400g

{"en":"OAK® Tomatoes Chopped in Juice are a convenient ingredient for restaurants and cafés. Great in soups, sauces and stews."}
oak® fruit salad in juice 2.95kg x 3 image

OAK® Fruit Salad in Juice 2.95kg x 3

{"en":"Oak® Fruit Salad in Juice is a delicious shelf stable mix of different fruit including peach, pear and pineapple, ideal for serving at buffets and cafés."}
wattie's® diced carrots 5kg image

Wattie's® Diced Carrots 5kg

{"en":"Great as an ingredient or side dish, Wattie\u2019s® Diced Carrots have been picked at their peak, peeled, chopped and snap frozen. Ideal for commercial kitchen use."}
wattie's® tropical fruit salad in fruit juice 3kg image

Wattie's® Tropical Fruit Salad in Fruit Juice 3kg

{"en":"Packed in a large 3kg can ideal for commercial use, Wattie's® Tropical Fruit Salad in Fruit Juice is a delicious ingredient in cakes and with sweet breakfasts."}
wattie's® minted baby peas 750g image

Wattie's® Minted Baby Peas 750g

{"en":"Wattie\u2019s® Minted Baby Peas are NZ grown and snap frozen at their peak to preserve goodness. Enjoy this freezer staple in pies, casseroles and fritters."}
wattie's® peaches sliced in clear fruit juice 2.95kg image

Wattie's® Peaches Sliced in Clear Fruit Juice 2.95kg

{"en":"Wattie's® Peaches Sliced in Clear Fruit Juice are sweet, juicy Hawke's Bay peaches which are great for desserts and breakfast buffets. Packed in a shelf stable 2.95kg can."}
oak® sieved apples 2.9kg image

OAK® Sieved Apples 2.9kg

{"en":"A convenient, shelf stable option for bakeries, cafés and restaurants. OAK® Sieved Apples is ideal for baking or serving with sweet dishes."}
craig's® red kidney beans in brine 3kg image

Craig's® Red Kidney Beans in Brine 3kg

{"en":"Craig\u2019s® Red Kidney Beans are packed in brine in a convenient 3kg can. A staple ingredient for cafés and Indian and Mexican restaurants."}
wattie's® rectangle potato hash browns 2kg image

Wattie's® Rectangle Potato Hash Browns 2kg

{"en":"Ideal for breakfast spreads at buffets and cafés, Wattie's® Rectangle Potato Hash Browns have a 24 month shelf life while frozen."}
oak® peach slices in juice 2.95kg x 3 image

OAK® Peach Slices in Juice 2.95kg x 3

{"en":"Peeled, pitted and ready to use, Oak® Peach Slices in Juice are perfect for café and restaurant kitchens. Great in sweet desserts and salads."}
wattie's® corn cream style 820g image

Wattie's® Corn Cream Style 820g

{"en":"Great as a soup base, Wattie's® Corn Cream Style is a versatile ingredient for restaurant use. It is packed in a 820g can with no preservatives."}
wattie's® corn cream style 3kg image

Wattie's® Corn Cream Style 3kg

{"en":"Made with Hawke's Bay corn, Wattie's® Corn Cream Style is a versatile ingredient for cafés and restaurants. This 3kg can is great for making large soups."}
wattie's® diced tomatoes 2.8kg image

Wattie's® Diced Tomatoes 2.8kg

{"en":"Ideal for commercial kitchens, Wattie\u2019s® Diced Tomatoes are conveniently chopped and packed in tomato puree, ready to be added to pasta sauces."}
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