Mediterranean Tuna and Mixed Bean Salad

Mediterranean Tuna and Mixed Bean Salad




  25 50 100
Orzo (risoni) pasta 1Kg 2Kg 4Kg
Red capsicums, deseeded, finely chopped 3 6 12
Lebanese cucumbers, chopped 6 12 24
Craig’s Four Bean Mix, drained and rinsed 1 ¼ x A10 cans 2 ½ x A10 cans 5 x A10 cans
Pitted black olives 250g 500g 1Kg
Cherry tomatoes, halved 375g 750g 1.5Kg
Italian Parsley, chopped ¾ cup 1 ½ cups 3 cups
Greenseas Tuna Chunks in Spring Water, drained 1Kg pouch 2 x 1Kg pouch 4 x 1Kg pouch
Eggs, hardboiled and quartered 12 24 48
Olive oil 375ml 750ml 1.5L
White wine vinegar 185ml 370ml 740ml
Wholegrain mustard 2 Tbsp ¼ cup ½ cup
Brown sugar 50g 100g 200g


  1. Cook Orzo pasta according to packet directions. Drain, rinse with cold water and drain again. Set aside in a large bowl.
  2. Add red capsicums, cucumber, Craig’s Four Bean Mix, olives, tomatoes, Italian parsley and Greenseas Tuna Chunks. Mix through dressing. Serve topped with hardboiled eggs.
  3. Dressing:  Whisk all ingredients together.


  • Replace orzo pasta with rice or small spiral pasta shapes.
  • Replace white wine vinegar in the dressing for cider vinegar if wished.

Cooking Abbreviations

tsp - teaspoon
Tbsp - tablespoon
Kg - kilogram
g - grams
ml - millilitres
L - litre